Strand anchor for Xekaman 3 Hydro Power Plant


Xekaman 3 Hydropower Plant is located on Nam Pagnou River, the main tributary of Xekaman river, Dak Cheung district, Sekong province, Lao people’s democratic republic.

The dam system of Xekaman 3 hydropower plant has a crest elevation of 964.5m. The dam has the highest height from the bottom of the dam is more than 100m, the length of the dam crest is 540m and the width is 10m. The reservoir has a capacity of more than 141 million m3 of water, the useful capacity is 108.54 million m3.

Xekaman 3 hydropower plant has an energy line with a length of more than 7km. The effective head is created using the natural steep slope of the Xekaman river. The water tunnel has a large inclination with a maximum flow of 62m3/s.

Xekaman 3 belongs to the type of open-type hydroelectric power plant with 2 units installed generate capacity of 250MW. This is the most modern vertical shaft Francis turbine equipment in the world.


Client: Xekaman 3 Power Co., Ltd. 

Main contractorXuan Mai – Song Da 10 – Lilama 10 JV

Period 01/2022 – 04/2022


- Supply and installation of 18 sets DYWIDAG permanent strand anchor - Double corrosion protection system, 0.62”- 17 strands for strengthening of vertical shaft No.1

- Supply and installation of load monitoring system in strand anchor by DYWIDAG DYNAForce sensors.



















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