Being exposed to the design and construction of both building and civil engineering structures, Utracon is in a position to offer precasting services that include the design, supply and installation of various precast components.
Design and shop drawings
We provide design services of structures and drafting of complicated precast components, e.g. segmentation drawings for precast segmental construction of bridges, etc.
On site and off site precasting
Our fully equipped precast yard in Malaysia is set up to supply both building precast components and bridges segments and girders.
For off site precasting, we provide services that include the design of precast yard layout, complete with both vertical and horizontal transfer mechanism of precast components using minimum crane facilities.
Installation of precast components
We have a team of qualified engineers and lifting crew that are experienced in the drafting of lifting methodology and site installation of precast components using cranes and specially designed lifting equipment / launching girders.


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