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B1, B17 & SDNT bridges - Aqua Bay zone - Ecopark

Signing ceremony for Package No.1:  Design & construction of Bridge B1 & B17 9-12 (Aqua Bay ) at Van Giang Commercial and Tourism Township ( Ecopark ) and Package No. 2: Design & Construction of the Bridge over the Artificial River, Hanoi at Hung Yen Inter-Provincial Route Project between Viet Hung Urban  Development & Investment Joint Stock Company and of Joint Venture Contractors of Utracon Overseas Singapore and Utracon Vietnam were taking place at Vihajico Office at Ecopark Township on 16th June 2016. 



The 3 Bridges are all located within AQUA Bay Zone. The AQUA Bay is planned to be a key zone within Ecopark township, where daily living conditions will be surrounded with natural landscape with vivid sense of aquatic space, green trees environment, beautiful evening lighting effects, harmonious architectural buildings and two iconic pedestrian paths along the banks of the Artificial River. After completion, three bridges shall faciliate the traffice and transportation within the township, promote social and tourism activities of this area.

As for the construction, this project shall be supported by foreign professional staff, specialist engineers, specialist supervisors and executed by our most competent staff. The optimal design solution, the modern methods of construction, latest technology shall be adopted for construction in this project. 

This event was attended by Mr. Dao Ngoc Thanh – General Director of Vihajico, Mr. Muhammad Benny Ho Bin Abdulla  - General Director of Utracon Vietnam and staffs from both companies. The signing ceremony shall open an excellent corporation between Vihajico and Utracon.




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