Post-tensioning (Buildings / Bridges / Tanks)

Picture: VINCOM Quang Trung Project
With a very experienced design team, UTRACON is well positioned to propose to our clients the most suitable post-tensioned slab system for their buildings.
Depending on the span, site constraint, loading requirements, etc., different slab systems will be suitable for different buildings, as illustrated below.

In situ Flat Slab / Flat Plate

Flat slab is generally the most economical slab system for column grids with aspect ratio of not more than 1.4, based on the average cost index in Singapore and other developing countries in South East Asia and South Asia.
It has proven to be viable for buildings with spans of greater than 6.0m and becomes even more economical as the live load increases. 
Picture: AEON Binh Tan Project



In situ Banded Slab / Beam & Slab

Banded slab is introduced when one column grid is generally much larger than the other one, i.e. when grids aspect ratio is greater than 1.4. 

It is often used in buildings which require large column space in one direction, generally in elevated driveways, ballroom, reception area, etc.  

Banded slab is now adopted extensively in Singapore’s skyscrappers as all the new downtown towers are designed with a central core wall and perimeter columns system.


In situ Beam with Precast Slab


A combination of post-tensioning and precast technology can frequently produce an unexpectedly good solution to the buildability and economy of a building. 

This scheme is desirable when a builder intends to trim the use of falsework on site due generally to the extremely high floor height or cramped condition in high rise building construction, or when precast slab could be proven to speed up construction cycle.


Post-tensioned Transfer Beam / Plate


When a transfer beam’s design is limited by the member’s flexural capacity, it is most efficient to design it as post-tensioned. 

Post-tensioned transfer beams can be cast in more than one stage to help alleviate the falsework requirement. Stage stressing will then be carried out accordingly.

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