Inauguration of first “Garden Bridge” in Vietnam

Located in Ecopark, Bac Hung Hai Bridge (Van Giang, Hung Yen) with sophisticated beauty, plentiful of flowers and trees covered, the Bridge has become the first “Garden Bridge” in Vietnam. 
Flowers covered makes impressiveness for Ecopark
To welcome Vietnam’s National Day on 2nd of September, the inauguration of Bac Hung Hai Bridge and Interprovincial road Hanoi – Hung Yen was held in the morning of 1st September. The bridge is invested by Viet Hung Urban Development & Investment JSC (VIHAJICO), designed and constructed by joint venture of Utracon Vietnam & Utracon Overseas (Singapore).
Trees and flowers being planted on bridge
Bridge with 371,2 m length and 17,5 m x 2 width includes 2 parallel bridges with a distance of 10m. Each bridge has 3 car lanes, 1 combined lane and a pedestrian path. The main structure includes 5 continuous spans box girders with an approach road of 160m length. After its inauguration, it helps to shorten the travelling distance between Hanoi and Hung Yen.    
Bac Hung Hai Bridge including 2 parallel bridge with distance of 10m
Located in the Ecopark township, Bac Hung Hai Bridge (Van Giang, Hung Yen) is not only a normal bridge but also a sophisticated one. With plenty of flowers and trees, that makes it a “Garden Bridge”.  
Not only it connects the two banks of Bac Hung Hai river, it is also visually impressive in the Ecopark township. Bac Hung Hai bridge at Van Giang direction is at the middle of Spring and Summer Park – center of Ecopark. All details of the bridge has been designed sophisticatedly with curves and flexible handrails, with 5 gallery views for tourists’ sightseeing. Terminal point of the bridge are planted with palm tree for green shadow. Pink bougainvillea flowers are planted on two sides of the bridge that makes it look like a rainbow in the township green nature from far viewing. 
Workers completing the gallery view on the bridge
Ready to overcome challenges
Mr. Ta Duc Toan – Representative from Utracon Vietnam said that it is a challenge to Utracon when VIHAJICO required design and construction method of the bridge to be of outstanding architecture and fit with the green space of Ecopark.
Utracon’s unique proposal with the idea of “Garden Bridge” was highly appreciated by VIHAJICO for its difference from other normal bridge design. Idea of growing trees on bridges is very popular in Singapore but this is the first time that idea has been applied in Vietnam. “Flowers and trees together with beautiful design will hide the hard concrete structure of the bridge”- he said.  
Bridge with flowers helps to add a little touch of artistic feature.
“We mobilized a team of professional foreign and local specialists, engineers as well as hardworking and dedicated local workers to construct this Project. Utracon has used the advanced technology and equipment from Singapore” – Mr. Toan explained.   
Pier is designed with arch shape to make a smooth curve
This is not the first project of Utracon in Vietnam. After a while proving its fame and strength in bridge construction, civil construction and building, especially construction using new technology, Utracon has won projects in Vietnam such as the Nhue Bridge Project under Hanoi Metro Railway Transit, chain of Aeon shopping mall centers in Hanoi, Binh Duong, HCMC and etc.
“Utracon owns a different construction technologies (e.g. stay cable bridge, cantilever casting, launching, balance cantilever, heavy component lifting/sliding..) and Utracon is an authorized representative in South East Asia for Dywidag - System International (Germany), which is famous for post-tensioning technology for stay cable bridges, ground anchors, rebars and others in the world. Demand of infrastructure works in Vietnam is big but not many urban bridge project satisfies the beauty requirements so Utracon will have many opportunities to expose and contribute”, Mr. Toan emphasized.  
Utracon Corporation (Singapore) after 15 years of establishment and development has become top corporation of bridge and civil construction in South East Asia. Utracon has expanded its market and joined in many construction projects in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Algeria, UAE, Guam, Uganda...  
In Vietnam, Utracon Vietnam – a member of Utracon Overseas Pte Singapore was established in 2008 with 100% foreign capital. It has head quarter in HCMC and a representative office in Hanoi. 
Quoted from: Báo Giao Thông

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