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10th Year Celebrating Ceremony

Opening with a short video clip on 10 year long service of UVCO from 2008 to 2018.

A drum show & lion show were performed to celebrate the meaning of 10 Year Anniversary Party.


Picture: Lion show


All members of BOD of UVCO coming on stage to blow off candle of Anniversary cake:


Picture: 10th Year Ceremony Cake 


Representatives from Companies (Transportation Company No.2, Hung Phu Consultant, DH Hoang Minh) with flowers as celebration gifts to UVCO:

Picture: Flowers from Transportation Company No.2 

Picture: Flowers from Hung Phu Consultant

Picture: Flowers from DH Hoang Minh Company


Mr. Benny Ho - General Director of UVCO handed a Special Award for 1st Vietnamese Staff joining UVCO since 2008:


Picture: Mr. Ta Duc Toan was awarded Special Award

Some amazing and memorable moments:



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