DSI_Dywidag Ground Anchors

We design, supply product and execute construction work for slope stabilization, soil nail, soil improvement, ground anchor,.. 
UTRACON has many years of supplying the anchorage system necessary for slope stabilization, soil improvement, tunnel and mining. Ground anchors are often used to provide a sufficiently large force to stabilize the mass of ground above the landslide or slip surface. Depending on geological condition, work types, technology requirements, etc., different ground anchor system will be applied.
Below is some illustration for appliance of ground anchor and anchored system. 

Fields of Application:
  • - Intra-urban construction
  • - Excavations (deformation resistant)
  • - Tiebacks
  • - Rock and slope stabilization
  • - Uplift control
  • - Positional stability
  • - Dam construction
  • - Ascending anchors


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